Ecosystem participation

During the Barcelona Sharing Cities Summit there will be a set of activities taking place where members of the ecosystem will gather together and work to build a stronger network through different activities.

It is great to have you on board. Thanks for joining! Let’s build the Sharing Cities Summit!  

Selection process

    • Organizations or initiatives that wish to participate must complete a form before 5 October. [Closed. For specific proposals, mail to:]
    • The Advisory Board will verify that the candidates fulfill the evaluation criteria and will communicate to the selected projects their participation.
    • The final selection will be notified to the candidate organizations and initiatives. Those selected must commit to attend during the event days.

Why should you participate?

Have a look to the benefits by participating at the Sharing Cities Summit 2018. Being part of the innovative and emerging sharing economy ecosystem rocks!

    • Promotion through the Sharing Cities Summit channels (social media, programme, website, press, etc.). Inclusion in the Sharing Economy Brochure, where all projects and initiatives that take part of the Sharing Cities Summit will be listed
    • Exhibition space at the Meet-Up of the Sharing Cities Summit (Monday 12 November at the DHub)
    • Presence and possibility of disseminating project information at the Sharing Economy Stand at Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2018
    • Be a speaker at presentations or round tables at the Agora programme (space for debates and presentations) at the Sharing Economy stand  at SCEWC
    • Exhibitor tickets to access the full activities at the SCEWC 2018
    • Tickets to access the Congress area a during the three days that the conference lasts (includes access to conferences and networking areas).

Contribute to creating an interesting network of people that have the ambition of make Sharing Economy become the future of the new economic models.

Which is the evaluation process and evaluation criteria to be selected?

The selection process  is based on the Barcelona Declaration of the International Forum of Collaborative Economy (Procomuns) principles and the Democratic Quality Collaborative Economy Balance Methodology, outcome from the 2017 II International Forum of Collaborative Economy. The methodology is the result of a research  carried out within the framework of the P2P Value and DECODE European projects, and tested on the basis of a sample of 100 cases by the research group Dimmons (Internet Interdisciplinary Institute at UOC).

Also, the selection process will take into account a variety of actors and will find a  balance between: local and international collaborative projects, consolidated global projects and small scale projects, different development areas of the ecosystem (companies, civil society and universities; Public Administration/Government actors will be present by other means throughout the summit), projects that match with the democratic quality balance methodology. The Advisory Board will try to include as many valuable initiatives as possible. The specific indicators that will be considered are:

    • Project type of interaction (P2P, B2C, etc)
    • Legal governance model (Governance of the legal entity )
    • Area of activity (mobility, caring etc)
    • Innovation & originality
    • Community sphere (international, regional, local etc)
    • Content IP Licence,, open knowledge and Technology Policy
    • Social, gender and economic equity Impact
    • Relationship with commons and social economy ecosystem