Common Declaration of Principles and Commitments for Sharing Cities

During the Sharing Cities Summit 2018 forty two large scale cities start a collaboration to deal with the threats and opportunities of the platform economy. The Declaration integrates different viewpoints of cities on the platform economy and updates and expands upon the set of 7 principles established during the New York meeting in 2017. It incorporates three new principles: one on the differentiation between platform models, depending on the impact they produce; a second one on the defence of the sovereignty of cities regarding big digital platforms; and a third principle regarding public support policies for the collaborative economy that have a positive impact.

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Cities that joined the Declaration: Amsterdam, Athens, Atlanta, Barcelona, Bethlehem, Bologna, Bordeaux, Buenos Aires, Gothenburg, Grenoble, Kobe, A Coruña, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Montreal, Montreuil, Muscat, New York,  Paris, Reykjavik, San Francisco, Santiago de Compostela, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Taipei, Torino, Toronto, Umea, Valencia, Vienna and Vitoria.

Other cities attending the Summit and in process of validation of the Declaration that might join: The Hague, Bristol, Eindhoven, Malmö, Praga, Rijswjk, Ghent, Melbourne, Singapore and Stockholm.